Aug 24 2017
Choosing home projects and updates that will enhance and transform the look of your house can be daunting.

Our next several newsletters will feature updates and easy cosmetic fixes that won't break the bank account and take months to finish. We'll focus on easy weekend projects that will help you transform every room in your house.

Illuminating Ideas

Adding new kitchen lighting or a new fixture over the dining table is a sure way to add an upgraded look and feel to any home.

It's easy to find great ideas online on any do-it-yourself website or by a Google keyword search. There are so many styles of lighting, it will be easy to match your existing decor. Or if you're looking to change the look of things, this is a great place to start!
  • Don't want to run to the store and spend a lot of money? Try one of these great ideas: 
  • Make a fabric-covered drum shade to match your decor. 
  • Install a dimmer switch to make your current lighting more versatile. 
  • Use a few cans of spray paint to give an old chandelier new life. 
  • Replace or paint the blades on a ceiling fan. 
These small changes will make a big difference!