Aug 30 2017

This week we're celebrating 'Ride the Wind' day! Sounds liberating doesn't it? Boise has a huge love for hot air balloons and lately we've been seeing a lot of them floating along our skies. So book a flight - it's just one way to celebrate!

National 'Ride the Wind' day commemorates the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer prize. The Gossamer Condor 2 flew the first figure-eight course to win the prize by cruising by at a breakneck speed of 11mph. :) 
We all know that cooler air is right around the corner, so take advantage of these nice days and get outside as much as possible. Summer breezes allow us to fly human-powered aircrafts. In the event you lack a human-powered aircraft or a hot air balloon, flying a kite is always a good back up plan!