Sep 06 2017
Thank you to those who have already reached out to us to see how you can help! It means a lot. 

For those who don't know, our company, Keller Williams Realty International, is headquartered in Austin, Texas. This means we have hundreds of agents in the Houston and surrounding areas that were hit by Hurricane Harvey. At present count, at least 300 of our agents, and thousands of other non-KW folks, are out of their homes and many more are severely impacted. 7,000 people will take refuge in Austin where many of us, including Dana and me, will be heading to volunteer next week. Not only have they lost their homes, their pets, and belongings - they will be impacted for months to come since their livelihood is dependent on the housing industry.


We have many personal friends who have been impacted and many others who have been heroes, literally pulling people out of the water. One of many stories shared yesterday: "We finally found our cat. Floating by on a mattress."


Our company has an established 501(c)3 charity, KW Cares, with a long history and lots of experience in helping with disaster relief and recovery. We own multiple 18-wheelers for this purpose, the first of which arrived in Houston with supplies last week. 

Rather than collecting water, clothing, and other supplies, the best way you can help is to donate money. KW Cares is then able to buy in bulk. They are working closely with the Salvation Army & Red Cross, and will adjust what is purchased based on needs as they change day by day. 100% of all donations go to disaster relief because ALL admin costs are personally handled by our Chairman, Gary Keller, and Vice Chairman of the Board, Mo Anderson!



Please donate and choose 'Boise' or 'Other' when instructed to choose a Market Center. Designate your donation to Hurricane Harvey Relief.
Our company has committed to raise $20 million and so far we have raised $4 million. We have a LONG way to go. Thanks for stepping up. It's in times like this that the good in people comes out and our friends and family shine. We appreciate you. Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and in your hearts.