Sep 07 2017
Choosing home projects and updates that will enhance and transform the look of your house can be daunting.
Our next several newsletters will feature updates and easy cosmetic fixes that won't break the bank account and take months to finish. We'll focus on easy weekend projects that will help you transform every room in your house.

Build a Headboard

Building a headboard will add a great look to any bedroom in the house and will definitely make your house look updated.
Like with our last issue of installing a new kitchen backsplash, there are so many different designs and ways to make a new headboard. You can add one to any themed room.

Headboards can be made out of nearly anything! 

  • Find something you're passionate about and turn it into a headboard. 
  • If you love skiing, turn the old skis into a headboard. 
  • Make a collage by decoupaging magazines or attach family photos to an old headboard. Salvaged materials like old windows, doors, fencing look great and are easy to give a distressed and hip look.
Also like our last issue, a simple Google keyword search or browsing Pinterest will give you many inspiring ideas. Here's one of our favorites!