Sep 14 2017
Choosing home projects and updates that will enhance and transform the look of your house can be daunting.

Our next several newsletters will feature updates and easy cosmetic fixes that won't break the bank account and take months to finish. We'll focus on easy weekend projects that will help you transform every room in your house.

Change out the faucets
Changing out your kitchen or bathroom faucet is a great first-time do-it-yourself plumbing project. Just make sure you properly shut off the water valves and follow the directions carefully!

A new fixture in the kitchen or bathroom will add that extra shine you are looking for. Many new kitchen faucets have more functionality and the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic.

A Google search will yield more faucet options than you may want to view. This will be a great opportunity to add a more modern or contemporary feel to any kitchen or bathroom, or even get rid of some brass!