Dec 21 2017
Many people are curious about what type of real estate we help people buy or sell. Well, by connecting with wonderful Keller Williams Realty agents across the world and with the help of a team of partners, we do it all!
Being part of Keller Williams Realty, we can help you with your real estate needs anywhere in the world. It's true! We have connections all over who can help with residential real estate, commercial real estate, investment properties, and much more.
Family member moving to North Carolina who needs an agent? Call us! Texas? You better believe it. How about a random move to South Africa? We've already made the connection for you!
We also have great resources for any home-related need you have. We have a network of vendors we know and trust who can help you with any job. Do you need a plumber? We know one! A roofer? Definitely! A property manager? Most certainly! A handyman? We've got several handy and ready to go!
Let us know and we'd be happy to share our wealth of teammates in the home industry! We are here for you!