Jul 19 2018

Below is the existing home market statistics for the North End through the end of June. Here are some things of note about this data!

This graph on the upper left corner shows the decrease in the number of active homes on the market in the last year. One year ago, the number of homes on the market was 80, and now it's 60!

This next graph shows that the bottom of the market for the North End was in 2011. Real estate cycles are 5-7 years and we're in our 7th year of recovery, so it is possible that things will shift in the near future.


This large graphic shows a couple of things. First, it shows months of inventory. This means that if no other homes came on the market, how many months would it take to sell all the homes currently on the market, in each price category. This is important because 4-6 months is considered a balanced market. More than 6 months is a buyer's market, and less than 4 months is a seller's market. The second thing this graphic will show is the sold-to-ask ratio. In other words, what percentage of the price sellers are asking for homes did they actually get. 

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