Dec 21 2017
Many people are curious about what type of real estate we help people buy or sell. Well, by connecting with wonderful Keller Williams Realty agents across the world and with the help of a team of partners, we do it all!
Being part of Keller Williams Realty, we can help you with your real estate needs anywhere in the world. It's true! We have connections all over who can help with residential real estate, commercial real estate, investment properties, and much more.
Family member moving to North Carolina who needs an agent? Call us! Texas? You better believe it. How about a random move to South Africa? We've already made the connection for you!
We also have great resources for any home-related need you have. We have a network of vendors we know and trust who can help you with any job. Do you need a plumber? We know one! A roofer? Definitely! A property manager? Most certainly! A handyman? We've got several handy and ready to go!
Let us know and we'd be happy to share our wealth of teammates in the home industry! We are here for you!
Dec 14 2017
We had our annual Jill Giese & Associates Holiday Bash this past Saturday. It was great to catch up with so many people we don't get to see on a regular basis! Head on over to our Facebook page to check out the photos and tag the people you know!
Dec 14 2017
Often in the course of our work we are asked how assessed value - the value on the statement you receive each year from the Ada County Assessor's Office - and market value - what a property is worth if one were to sell it on the market today - correlate.
Many times, particularly in older neighborhoods, assessed value and market value do not correlate. This is true for a few reasons:
  • The assessor's office conducts "mass appraisals" each year to determine value for properties. According to their website, a mass appraisal is: the process of valuing a universe of properties as of a given date utilizing standard methodology, employing common data, and allowing for statistical testing.
  • The assessor's office conducts these mass appraisals once a year based on the previous year's sold properties. With our rapidly changing market, this does not necessarily correlate with current market value.
  • Many times older homes have had remodels and additions over the years that were completed without a permit (yes, it's true!). This means the Assessor's Office doesn't have the latest and greatest data about the property.
If you want to know the value of your property, contact us and we'll do a market analysis so you know the value of your home TODAY.
Below are some myths and facts from the assessor's office about assessments, taxes, etc. I've provided a few clarifying modifications.
Myth: "If I think my taxes are too high, I can just appeal them."
Fact: You may appeal your assessed value if you disagree with it; however, taxes are not subject to appeal as they are set by the taxing districts.
Myth: "If my value decreases, my taxes will decrease."
Fact: Tax levies are based on the assessed value of a property within a district and levied to fund operating budgets. An increase or decrease in value may not mean an increase or decrease in taxes.
Myth: "If I call my appraiser during the appeal season, my value will automatically be lowered."
(If you call one of us at Jill Giese & Associates, we can provide the number of the assessor for your district.)
Myth: "Assessments automatically adjust to a sales price."
Fact: The State of Idaho does not subscribe to this method of valuation. Idaho is a "market-value" state and all assessments are determined as of January 1 of the current year based on the prior year's sold properties, using mass appraisal techniques.
Myth: "Assessments are always lower than the typical market."
Fact: Assessment values are market driven using mass-appraisal techniques, versus fee appraisals (the type you get when you buy or refinance a house), based on selected comparables. Sales occurring in the previous year establish the market value for the January 1 lien date.
If you have questions about any of this information, give us a call at (208) 327-2127 and we'll happily walk you through it or refer you to someone at the Ada County Assessor's office to provide more information!
Dec 07 2017
When selling your house, the most important decision you will make is where to price your property.
Pricing your home accurately is critical to selling your home in a timely manner and for the most money possible in today's market. Sometimes people think that because they "have time" or "aren't in a hurry" they can wait and they'll get more money for their home. However, the opposite often happens!

Real estate is a numbers game - the more people who view your home, the higher the likelihood you'll receive an offer and the higher the price will be. The more competition for your home, the more money you'll get!
When you put your home on the market, the majority of the showings will happen in the first 1-3 weeks. This is because there is a pool of buyers out there who have seen everything on the market and they've rejected all of those homes. They are looking for the next great property that comes on the market. So when your property comes on the market, everyone will want to see it!
Unfortunately, if your property isn't priced properly, that pool of buyers could reject your house too, leaving it on the market as the showing activity declines. And the only way to increase that showing activity - and therefore your chances of receiving a solid offer - is to lower the price.


Our goal is to price your house perfectly so you receive the largest number of showings possible in that critical 1-3 week period and therefore have the highest likelihood of selling for the best price.
Nov 29 2017
We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 'Tis the season to be surrounded by friends and family, to reflect on what you are grateful for, and of course to eat a ton of pie. :)

At Jill Giese & Associates, we take time to reflect often. Every Thursday we have a team meeting to discuss things we are grateful for, both in business and personal life, and to celebrate the success we've had to date.
We've had a great year and we are so very thankful for all the great clients we've had the pleasure to assist. Working in real estate means working with people during the very best of times, as well as the very worst of times. This includes happy first-time homebuyers, people in vulnerable and difficult situations, and everything in between.
We are so very thankful for these individuals giving us the opportunity to assist them during these life transitions and we look
forward to helping many more!
We love what we do!
Nov 02 2017
Halloween is over and we're all on a bit of a sugar hang over. I don't know about you, but this time of year is one of our favorites. We love walking down Harrison checking out everyone's pumpkins and spooky decorations while crunching through the freshly dropped leaves. 
We carved some pumpkins at the office and we were curious as to how and why the pumpkin carving tradition started. So trusty Google saved the day! While there are many stories about why we carve pumpkins, here is one we found interesting! 

"An Irish folktale tells the story of Stingy Jack, a thrifty individual who met Satan in a pub. After sharing a few rounds, Jack tricked the Devil into turning himself into a coin in order to pay the bill, and pocketed the Devil before he could return to his normal form. Conveniently, Jack kept him right next to a cross, effectively trapping the Devil as a coin. 
Jack only agrees to let the Devil go free if he promises he won't try to exact his revenge on Jack for a year. Jack died before he met the Devil again. He first traveled up to Heaven, but was turned away because he was so stingy in life. So, he went down to the gates of Hell. But, when he encountered the Devil, who remembered him all too well, he was denied entry there, too.
Instead, the Devil told him, his punishment would be to stay on Earth for all eternity, with nothing more than a single coal to guide him through the nights. The story goes that Jack carved a lantern out of a turnip to better carry his coal, earning him the nickname "Jack of the lantern," which would eventually become "Jack o' lantern." 


Oct 26 2017

By Jim Vogel

Real estate trends are always changing. Who's buying, what's selling, geography, pricing ... it's all seemingly constantly in flux. According to a recent study by the
National Association of Realtors, the most recent data outlines some surprising trends. One of those is that single females are buying more homes than ever.
The reason for this trend in homebuyer relationship status is not entirely clear. It could be partially due to the fact that more women are raising children on their own. This would also explain why the number of married couples buying properties together is decreasing. Rapidly rising rent and the possibility of increasing interest rates are a couple of potential factors. Steady job growth and less stringent credit requirements are a couple more.
Still, there are challenges for any single person who wants to purchase a home. It's more difficult to get a home loan on one income with one credit score, for example. Without that second income, you're also more at risk of defaulting if you happen to lose your job. That's why single people should approach the process a little differently.
Phone a Friend
One of the advantages to buying a home as part of a couple is that you can walk through the process together. From researching neighborhoods and viewing homes to discussing finances and reviewing contracts. Hopefully you have a reputable, experienced real estate agent you feel comfortable with, but that isn't quite the same.
Throughout the process, single homebuyers should consult with friends or family members they trust. These people can visit homes with you, help you negotiate, or just serve as a sounding board for your concerns. They can also celebrate with you when you finally find the perfect home of your own.
Budget Wisely
Good news! It is easier now than ever for a single person to get a home loan. If you have a good job and a great credit score, your likelihood of being approved is high. In fact, the bank may offer to let you borrow even more money than you thought. While it may be tempting to utilize all your borrowing power, you should spend some time figuring out how much house you can actually afford.

One way to do it is to pick a monthly mortgage payment you're comfortable with, and use that to determine a reasonable house value. Be sure to factor in how much you spend on other bills and utilities, as well as entertainment. Then leave yourself some room for unexpected expenses, like home repairs, illness, or job loss. The more savings you have, the better off you are. The last thing you want is to be house poor
Be Confident
Single women still face issues like the wage gap, lesser retirement benefits, and, in some cases, discrimination. There is  some evidence that women even pay more for loans than men with the same qualifications. Even the accidentally-demeaning question, "Where's your husband?" can make a woman feel ill at ease.
But women shouldn't let these circumstances keep them from achieving their personal and financial goals. The truth is, regardless of your relationship status or gender, the market treats everyone the same. With the right research, good planning, and sound decision-making, you can be sure your investment will return at the same rate as anyone else's.
So, whether you're a young professional looking for a sound financial investment, a single mother who wants to raise her two kids in a house with a yard, homeownership welcomes you. As with anything worth doing in life, the challenges of finding, buying, and maintaining a home abound ... but so do the rewards.




Oct 25 2017
Our team had a really fun event recently called 'Parking Lot Potluck Party with a Purpose'. Our friends, clients, vendors, and family got together in our parking lot for some yummy potluck dishes and raised money for kids impacted by the hurricanes. 
We raised over $900 to help purchase backpacks and school supplies for kids who lost everything in the recent hurricanes. 
If you still want to donate to the cause, call us today! (208) 327-2127.


Oct 04 2017
Choosing home projects and updates that will enhance and transform the look of your house can be daunting.

Our next several newsletters will feature updates and easy cosmetic fixes that won't break the bank account and take months to finish. We'll focus on easy weekend projects that will help you transform every room in your house.

Enhance your Exterior
Painted Door
Adding a pop of color to your front door or some new flower pots can really make your home feel rejuvenated and inviting. There are so many ways to freshen up the front of your home and enhance the curb appeal.

Here are some great ideas for not a lot of dough:
  • Paint your front door, trim, or shutters
  • Install new house numbers
  • Install new window boxes or colorful pots
  • Upgrade your mailbox to something more decorative than a post in the concrete
  • Upgrade exterior lighting
  • Plant a new tree
These changes can make a huge impact on the feel and curb appeal of your home for less than a nice dinner out on the town!
Sep 28 2017
  • The kids have all graduated from college. You and your husband finally have time to yourselves ... then they move back home!
  • You have three spare rooms in a four-bedroom house.
  • You have to shuffle your cars each morning to leave for work.
  • You spend more time driving to work than you do with your family.
  • You spend more money each month for storage than you do for your mortgage.
  • Your neighbor found a loophole in the homeowner's association rules and is raising donkeys.
  • You keep hearing faint voices telling you to 'Get out!' and they are getting louder.
  • Grandpa Jed just struck oil while hunting in your backyard.
  • The dog's house doubles as a guest room.
  • You have to take a number to use the bathroom.
If any of these apply to you or someone you know, please call us at (208) 327-2127 and us know and we'll be happy to help you out!