May 16 2017


With the days lengthening and weather getting warmer, one thing in Boise will become ever more prevalent -- bicycles. Both on the road and on the trails, be prepared for a quick change in weather and make sure to check trail conditions before heading out on a ride.
This winter was ... well ... more like winter than recent years. Everyone had some cabin fever and it was the first time in a while that people were unable to get out on the trails for periods of time. Now that nice weather is emerging and daylight savings time has given us extra light in the evenings, cyclists are back on the streets in abundance, and eager to head to the trails.
Before heading out the door with excitement, make sure to check the weather and grab an extra layer to be prepared for a sudden shift in temperature. The statement, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" is definitely something to keep on your mind as you head out the door to make that commute to work, school, or social functions. It is a good time of year to add a fender to your bicycle, pack a rain jacket, and think about bringing different layers. Below is a link to a Ride Boldly blog about Spring bicycle commuting tips.

Another respectful thing to do when Spring and cycling comes to mind, is to always check trail conditions before heading out for a ride in our fantastic trail system. The Military Reserve trails are often the last to dry, while trails off Camels Back tend to be ready-to-go sooner. If there is any doubt in your mind, visit the Ridge to Rivers web site or Facebook page and see how things are looking. Below are links to both websites.

And finally, with more cyclists on the road and the pace of life speeding up with the beautiful weather, always remember to look twice when driving! We are looking forward to the roads filling with cyclists and the parks with those enjoying the great weather!
May 12 2017
May 12 2017
The earliest use of the word mortgage (spelled morgage) was in the poem 'Confessio Amantis', which was written in the 1300s. In that poem, the word was used to describe marriage, not a home loan.
May 12 2017

"A tremendous team of skilled and personable people right here, couldn't have been happier with the entire process!! Y'all rock!
~Carson Russell
May 11 2017

If you've always pronounced Boise like "Boy-zee," you've been saying it wrong all along. Locals here say "Boy-see." And yes, they hear the difference.

If you're looking for one of the best places to live in Boise, head to the North End. This lovely neighborhood in Boise is defined by its older, historic homes, tree-lined streets, and charming character. There is also a tight, community feel here!

The Broncos are the pride of Boise State University. They play their home games at Albertsons Stadium, which is best known for its bright blue turf. Commonly referred to as the "Smurf Turf," it was the first non-green field in American football.

 As well as part of the "Treasure Valley", Boise is also "The City Of Trees". From downtown to the parks, Boise is full of beautiful trees that provide residents with shade and a generally gorgeous landscape.

The rivers are great for stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, rafting for all levels, and fly-fishing. The parks have great trails for hiking and biking. Or one can opt to go more advanced with the Race to Robie Creek, billed as the toughest half marathon in the Northwest.

Boise is on lots of top 10 rankings. Here are a few:

Boise was crowned as the "Number one Adventure City" in all of the United States by National Geographic.

Looking to make the big bucks? You might want to head to Boise, which was named on Forbes top 10 list of cities where salaries are actually increasing.

 Bike Magazine has named Boise as the top mountain biking town in the entire country.

Outside Magazine gave Boise the title of the "#1 Overall Town In The Western U.S.", which came as a surprise to exactly no one in Boise.


Due to the safe streets, growing economy, and vibrant community, Time Magazine named Boise as "The Number One City" in their article entitled "Solutions for America" claiming that Boise is one of the top cities "getting it right" this year.

 If we ever do get those hover boards, Boise will probably get them before most other places. The city was listed in the "Top 20 Most Innovative Cities" by Sunset Magazine.

 And some interesting tidbits:

The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise is one of only 11 sites in the country -- like the White House and the 9/11 memorial in New York City -- that was given a chestnut tree sapling from the tree that stood outside the secret annex in Amsterdam where Frank hid with her family.

Boise has a statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in Julia Davis park. At nine feet tall, sitting on an eleven-foot long bench, and weighing about 6,500 pounds, Boise's big Abe is the third-largest seated statue of the former president in the world.

With a population of about 15,000 Basque residents and a historic Basque Block section of the city, Boise has the second largest Basque population in the United States.

If we didn't mention potatoes you'd think we weren't from Boise:

 Boise takes full advantage of their state's fame for potatoes. While other cities usually drop giant glass balls on New Year's Eve, Boise drops a giant Idaho Potato to ring in the New Year.



May 10 2017
Last Tuesday at the Keller Williams business meeting, Jill was awarded the Cultural Icon Award for the month of April. We're so proud of her!
The culture at Keller Williams Realty Boise is truly a caring culture and Jill does just that and more. She's the first to show up and the last to leave for events, leads and teaches within the Keller Williams office, and she's been doing it since 2005!
She exemplifies what KW stands for as a realtor and a person. She's a great coach, friend, and human who cares deeply for our team, Keller Williams Realty and the real estate industry as a whole. Way to go Jill! You deserve it!

Dana, Bryce, Jessi, Angie, Mackenzie & Lizzie

P.S. Our team loves to volunteer for non-profit organizations and good causes! If you're part of an organization that needs a team of outgoing realtors, please feel free to reach out to us at or 208-327-2127. 
May 09 2017
by Dean Tucker, One Trust Home Loans

Debt is often treated as a dirty word. But in reality, there actually is such a thing as good debt. Surprise! 

Good Debt
  • Used to purchase items or investments that will grow in value over time
  • Has lower interest rates than other types of debt
  • Is often tax deductible*
A mortgage is generally considered the best kind of debt to have. You're purchasing an item that rises in value over time; the interest rate you're paying is pretty low; and you can write off at least a portion of the associated costs on your tax return. 

Bad Debt
  • Used to purchase items or investments that lose value, generally pretty quickly
  • Used to purchase items that do not generate income in the future
  • Has a high interest rate
  • Often considered "lifestyle debt"
Credit cards are the No. 1 generators of bad debt. You usually use them to purchase "lifestyle items," like clothes or household décor, which do not hold their value and don't make money for you down the road. If you're only paying the minimum amount on your credit card debt each month, those $100 shoes are going to end up costing you far more in the long run. Payday loans are another terrible type of debt, which can suck people into a spiral of debt from which it's difficult to recover. 

Mortgages are pretty much the opposite of bad debt: real estate value rises over time, and selling your home in the future can generate more cash than what you paid for the initial purchase. In addition, your mortgage interest rate is always going to beat your credit card interest. 

Staying on Track

So as you can see, your mortgage, while an example of debt, is actually a good debt to have. Real estate gains value over time, and you're building equity and a good credit score when you're paying down your mortgage monthly. In fact, it might be a good idea to consider investing more of your funds into a long-term growth project, such as an investment property, which carries its own special tax incentives.* 

If you're considering ways to maximize your credit and build toward your future, a rental home may be just the ticket. I can help you review your finances to see how a new home purchase could actually benefit you - let's talk about making an investment in your future! Contact me today to learn more. 

For more information, contact Dean & Shanna Tucker at (208) 388-0500 or visit

*We are not a tax firm. Consult your financial advisor.
May 03 2017

"Jill was a great advisor and offered several negotiating options for us to take when buying our house. We appreciated having her on our real estate adventure. Her experience and expertise were incredibly valuable.
~Sabina MacDonald
May 02 2017
Dear Excited Potential Homebuyer,
We're so pleased you want to purchase a home while interest rates are still low and before prices increase even more.

With homes moving quickly and few homes on the market, it's understandable you've become frustrated. So while we understand wanting to keep your options open by not signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with a realtor, unfortunately that may be why you aren't getting much attention from the agents you've been contacting.
Sometimes buyers feel they may get a better deal or find a better house if they work with multiple agents, believing they will have a lot of people searching the market for them. However, the way agency law in Idaho works, realtors are required to show new properties that come on the market FIRST to clients with whom they have an agency relationship - signed Buyer Representation Agreement.

So when there are a lot of buyers and not very many homes on the market, a buyer looking without representation may experience homes going from active to pending/sold before they get a crack at them.
The other difficulty is that a good - or great - realtor is often working with multiple buyers at one time with whom they have a client relationship and therefore they only have time to work with those folks whose agreement with them ensures they will be paid if that buyer buys a house.
You seem like a thoughtful, intelligent person who knows what you want - just the type of client we like to work with! We receive a notification the minute a new listing comes on the market and are constantly looking for properties that will meet our clients' needs - networking with other agents, knocking on people's doors to see if they want to sell, calling neighborhoods, etc.

We'd love to meet with you and talk more about how we can find that dream home for you! Call us today at (208) 327-2127.
Apr 28 2017
Are you thinking about remodeling or replacing a high ticket item in your home? They can definitely add value to your home, but some projects will recoup your costs better than others. According to Remodeling Magazine, small and exterior projects return the most value for your money. Below is a break down of what the magazine found!
A steel entry door replacement recouped 101.8% when the home was sold, and is the best overall return on investment. 

Replacing your garage door can return approximately 88.5% 
Replacing your home's siding can return up to 84.3%
Installing a wood deck will return 80.5%

Replacing wood windows earns 78.8%
Not sure if what you're planning on remodeling or replacing will be a good return on investment? Need a vendor to help with these home improvement projects? Contact us today at (208) 327-2127! We can help!