Apr 10 2017
Spring is officially here and we're actually experiencing weather more typical for Idaho. The mountains are seeing a bit more snow, and we're getting some rain showers down in the valley. 
The start of a new season can be so refreshing! Watching everything come to life after winter, the hustle and bustle of people out and about enjoying the nice weather, and people deciding on new directions for the year.
We've helped quite a few families buy and sell this year and we've enjoyed each and every one of them! It's hard to believe we're already 1/4 of the way through 2017! 
The spring market in Boise is starting to see a few more listings come on the market. Overall we still have a low number of homes for sale in Ada County and are working with many buyers who need homes!
If you're thinking about making a change this year - buying or selling, we'd love to chat with you. Buyers can take advantage of low interest rates, while sellers can benefit from low competition and high buyer foot traffic. 
Whatever your plans are for this spring, we hope you enjoy it to the max! 
Cheers to nice weather and long days ahead! 
Apr 04 2017
April is just around the corner, and with that comes the deadline to apply for the 2017 homeowner exemption. Don't miss this opportunity to save money on your property taxes for your primary residence in Idaho! Homeowners save 50% of the assessed taxed value up to $100,000. Below is the information from the Ada County Assessor's Office.
Ada County State of IdahoEach owner-occupied primary residence (house or manufactured home) and up to one acre of land is eligible for a homeowner's exemption. To qualify, you must own and occupy your home before April 15th; you must file an application with the Ada County office by April 18th for the 2017 tax year. Once you apply and qualify for this exemption, you only have to reapply if you move or if the ownership changes. 
You must complete an application for Homeowner's Exemption. You can get an application by emailing us or calling our office at (208) 287-7200. A form can also be downloaded from our Documents and Forms page or try our online Homeowner's Exemption application

Applications for Homeowner's Exemption must be received no later than April 18th at 5:00pm. If the application is mailed the postmark must read April 18th or before in order to qualify for the exemption in the current year. However, your best bet is to go down to the office and turn it in in person and get a receipt. Find out more information here or call our office at (208) 327-2127 if you have any questions!
Mar 31 2017

There's a turning point in every buyer transaction where the buyer's emotions go from nervous and scared to overjoyed with excitement. We love hearing the excitement and future plans the buyers have for their new home. It's actually one of the most satisfying conversations for us to have, knowing we're assisting them with a major life transition and helping shape their future. 

In the midst of your excitement there are a few things you need to know. Below is a list of things you definitely should NOT do when buying a home.

  • Do not change jobs, become self-employed, decrease your income, or quit your job
  • Do not buy a car, truck, van, or trailer unless you plan to live in it
  • Do not excessively charge items to your credit card or fall behind on any debt payments
  • Do not spend your money set aside for closing
  • Do not leave out debts or liabilities from your loan application
  • Do not have your credit pulled for future purchases 
  • Do not make large deposits into your bank account without checking with your loan officer first
  • Do not change bank accounts
  • Do not co-sign on a loan with anyone
  • Do not delay in giving information to your lender (even if you think you've already given them the information)
We've seen clients experience heartache by mistakenly doing one of these things. We're very fortunate to work with great lenders who are happy to answer any questions about what you should and should not do when purchasing a home. 
Mar 29 2017
It's raining, it's pouring! Spring is officially here and with the rain comes beautiful green grass, blooming flowers, and leafy trees.  
There is a slight increase in the inventory availability over January's historic lows. This is excellent news for buyers waiting for homes to come on the market. And yet we're still very, very low! 

We have several houses coming soon in various areas of town and we're excited to help the sellers accomplish their goals in a timely manner. We have one hitting the market tomorrow in North East Meridian and three coming early next week! All of them are great properties with unique characteristics that may make one of them the perfect home for you or someone you know! Check out our 'Coming Soon' section at the bottom of the newsletter to read up on each of these homes that are coming soon to an area near you.
Before you can list your home, remember there is work to be done! If you want to net the most money possible, you'll want to make your home shine. This includes handling any deferred maintenance that might effect your sales price, cleaning, and much more! If you're considering selling later this spring, it's time to get started!
Does that sound overwhelming? Not to worry! When you list with us, we'll walk you through the process and help you along the way. We work differently than a lot of realtors and we'll advise you what items to fix that might effect your home selling at the highest price possible. We want you to net the most money possible!
Mar 24 2017

You've decided to list your home and many of your neighbors start to ask why? What do you tell them? 

Your home is on the market and you receive a call for your first showing. You're excited and the buyer's agent starts asking you some questions. What should you say?

ShhhIn both of these cases could have negative consequences for the sale of your home. Telling everyone why you're moving, the bottom price you would accept, and many other conversational items about the sale of your home seem innocent. Remember, Boise is very small and word about why you're moving and what you'll accept could quickly get out!

If potential buyers know you need to sell your home by a certain date and what your bottom price is, your negotiating position is weakened.

 Below is a short list of items not to discuss with potential buyers or their agents:

1. Why you are selling your home?

2. How urgent it is that you sell your home?

3. What items you are willing to include with the sale of your home

4. Confidential information that may disclose your negotiating strategy 

5. Terms under which you'd be willing to sell

6. Your bottom line and the price you'd accept for your home

Some questions may seem harmless, but it's best to refer any questions you may receive from potential buyers or their agent to your real estate agent. Remember, we are representing your best interest and will provide great answers on your behalf while protecting your confidential information. 

Mar 22 2017
If one of your plans for the springtime is to spruce up your yard with decks, outbuildings, fences, and other structural improvements, make sure you know what kind of work requires a building permit and what you can do without one.
In general, you need a building permit if you want to:
  • Build any kind of dwelling
  • Finish an attic, garage, or basement to add living space
  • Add a shed, garage, carport, or other structure if it is ATTACHED to the home
  • Add a shed, garage, carport, or other structure if it is greater than 200 square feet
  • Re-roof an existing building
  • Build a retaining wall that is measured 4 feet high or more from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall
  • Add any attached patio cover, carport, or porch
  • Build a deck more than 12 inches high or put in a fence more than 6 feet high
If you're not sure if you need a permit, err on the side of caution and give the City of Boise a call at (208) 608-7070 or check out pds.cityofboise.org/building.
Mar 17 2017

If you're waiting to sell during the spring selling season, it's time to make your house look its best. Getting top dollar for your home involves some preparation to showcase what you have for sale. 

When you sell your home with us, we'll help you along the way so your home stands out in a crowd. Remember, the longer you wait to sell your home, the more homes there will be for sale. More competition means lower price and more days on the market.

Below are a few items to consider for spring selling:

Take care of the yard: Make sure weeds are under control and plant seed in areas of the yard where grass is thin or non-existent. 

Trim overgrowth: Prune any branches that touch the house, cover a window, or block a path. A potential homebuyer doesn't want to inherit a bunch of overdue yard maintenance. 

Touch up mulch: New mulches retain color throughout the season. This is a relatively inexpensive way to make a great first impression with a potential buyer. 

Power wash everything: Cobwebs, dirt on deck, patios, fences, eaves, windows, etc. 

Create a conversation area: Potential buyers are imagining how they will live in the home. Utilize the nice weather on patios and decks to help them envision their life there with friends and family. 

These are just a few items you'll want to think about. Leave the impression that you loved and cared for your home while living in it. If you're selling during the 'selling season', don't sell yourself short by not putting the work in to get top dollar for your home!

Mar 14 2017


Ok, it's time to wrap up this saga! The last two weeks we discussed reasons why we love Boise. I'm not sure we'll have everything covered, even after Part III, but we covered a lot of the many great aspects about Boise!


There can be a lot to love and hate about any city in relation to weather and, with the exception of the past month or so, I think we tend to have great weather! One of the perks of living in Boise is the four distinct seasons we get. Winters are TYPICALLY mild and any snow that falls in the valley melts within a day or two, while the mountains get their fair share of snow. In spring the city starts pulling out of the winter slumber, starting mid-March the temperatures start warming and everyone breaks out their shorts and sun dresses! Summers can get quite hot and there are plenty of places to cool down between the Boise River, various ponds, and reservoirs. Fall is a Boise favorite, the crisp days and cool nights begin in mid-September and we don't typically see our first hard frost until November!

Cycling city

Boise has good infrastructure in place for commuting by bike and is continuing to add more bike lanes every year. The community also has an avid mountain and road biking community. Boise boasts over 180 miles of trails for mountain bikers! Every year around 20,000 spectators line the street of downtown boise for the annual Twilight Criterium - it's quite the sight!


Boise's location in the eastern part of the Pacific Northwest gives us great access to the west and keeps us within driving distance to many great destinations to the east. Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR are each about a 6-hour drive from Boise. A couple additional hours gets you to Seattle, WA. Our wonderful interstate access brings us great entertainment options including great live music acts.


Boise is part of the third-largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest and boasts the lowest crime rate by far. It's a wonderful city in which to raise a family and frequently sits on top of many "top 10" lists regarding safety, raising a family, outdoor living, and communities in which to retire. It's great peace of mind!

We're moving on from our reasons we love Boise and know we haven't covered them all. It's a great community for a wide variety of people to love. In Boise, there is no shortage of things to do, it is very affordable, and it's home!

Mar 10 2017

After starting on a list of things we love about Boise, we quickly realized there is a lot to love. We decided we'd need to split it into at least a couple parts so we don't have one article bigger than our entire newsletter. So, following up our last article, as promised, here we are back for Part II of why we love Boise.

Bogus Basin
Located sixteen very twisting and winding miles from Boise, it's hard not to love and appreciate Bogus Basin - especially with the amount of snowfall we've had this year. Affordable ski passes, night skiing, close proximity, and tubing are a few of the many things to love about Bogus Basin. Bogus is also a great escape from the inversion to get a reliable source of vitamin D. In the summer months locals get a reprieve from the heat to enjoy miles of single track for hiking and biking, frisbee golf, picnics, and live music at the lodge.
Boise River & Greenbelt
These two lovely aspects about Boise could easily be lumped into their own categories, but since the greenbelt follows the river, we're putting them together. The Boise River Greenbelt is one of the most popular places for walkers, bikers, and runners. The 25-mile tree-lined path follows the Boise River through the heart of the city. Wonderful scenic views may be had as you pass through parks and along secluded areas of the river. In the winter, Boise Parks & Rec regularly clear the paved trail of snow, which allows walkers and runners to enjoy the beauty and wildlife the river provides, without sloshing through the slush and ice.
Access to Public Land
Boise's location along the edge of multiple national forests is an amazing opportunity for those who love outdoor recreation. Skiing, biking, snow shoeing, kayaking, camping, fishing, on and on and on. Within 2-1/2 hours of downtown Boise you can be in the Sawtooth National Forest, Payette National Forest, or the Boise National forest with world-class white water rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing, etc. As a matter of fact, 60% of the land in Idaho is public land. This is no secret to Idahoans, and it's something many of us treasure.
I think we've covered some great reasons, but we're going to do one final part to why we love Boise. Stay tuned next week for our final part III! Do you have a favorite reason you love Boise? Email us here and let us know!
Mar 08 2017

As a team we reflect weekly on aspects on business and our personal lives for which we are grateful, so we thought we'd highlight our lovely city we call home!

Boise falls under the category of a 'big town' more than it does a city. That may seem weird to many, but locals who live in the many distinct and unique neighborhoods will relate to this message.

There are so many things to love about Boise. This list is sure to be missing some, but here is a brief list of things we're grateful for about Boise.

Open space  

Boise residents love access to open space and area for recreation. Starting at various trailheads across north Boise you can access over 180 miles of trails. There aren't many excuses to not exercise around here! The city of Boise is also committed to acquiring more land for recreation and to protect the Boise river and wildlife habitats.


Artists, restaurants, musicians, farmer's market, and the local Boise Bicycle Project. The list goes on and on. Boise has loads of local businesses, artists, musicians, etc and is keen on supporting local. It's easy to feel at home in your favorite establishments, and it's likely you'll bump into a lot of the same people on a regular basis. It's also quite easy to volunteer and get involved in this community, which is full of pride for the local movement.

Downtown Boise

A great place to see and be seen. Downtown Boise is a lively and fun place to dine, shop, and stroll. Check out Freak Alley for local artwork on buildings, eat at any number of local restaurants, and shop at boutique shops. There is so much fun to be had in downtown Boise. The city is not afraid to shut streets down either for our Farmer's Market, running events, and the popular Alive After Five in The Grove.

This list is barely the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned next week for Part II of why we love Boise!