Nov 11 2015
Once again the Boise fall colors did not disappoint this year! The weather has been extraordinary as well! 
There's still time to get out and see the gorgeous colors! We hope you're all enjoying fall to the max! 
Sep 29 2015

It's been another strong year of sales in the Treasure Valley. Homes in good condition and priced accurately have been selling quite quickly all year. Many buyers have come across multiple offer situations, while others were the only party interested in a certain home. 

But some sellers haven't experienced a sellers' market. What's happening?

Our market is shifting.

We're 2-years-removed from the 2013 real estate 'party' that started with historically low interest rates, extremely enthusiastic buyers, and very low inventory. Multiple offers were commonplace.  

The Boise real estate market is still very healthy and is also experiencing some leveling off combined with a seasonal slowdown. We still have low inventory, but we have quite a few more listings now than we started the year with. We started 2015 with just over 1,900 listings and have been hovering around 2,500 listings since the end of June.

So what does this mean for buyers and sellers?

If you want to sell your home, now is still a great time. Inventory is still quite low and buyer traffic is still strong. Buyers looking for homes now are very serious.

If you're looking to buy a home, now is also a great time! Prices are up, but interest rates are incredibly low! When looking for a new home in a competitive market with low inventory, it's more crucial than ever to have a real estate team who understands your end goal and can act quickly to help you find a great home. 

If you have any questions about the Boise real estate market we're just a phone call away! Call us at 208-327-2127 if you have any questions!

Sep 21 2015

So, we've gone on and on about how now is a great time to sell your home. On the flip side of the equation, now is also a great time to buy a home. How can this be? Here are 3 reasons why now is also a great time to buy a home!

Interest rates are headed up

Interest rates are not expected to stay at historic lows for much longer. Buying a home sooner than later could save you thousands each year!  

Home values are expected to increase

While nobody has a crystal ball, experts predict home prices to continue on their upward trend. Inventory is still quite low and could dip even lower. If you combine rising interest rates and home prices, you could quickly become priced out of an area you love. 

Rent prices are increasing

Rental prices across the country are rising at a very fast rate. In many areas of the country you'll likely find yourself paying more for rent that you would for a mortgage in a similar home. Either way you're paying a mortgage, you may as well make it your own!
Aug 24 2015

There are definitely options when choosing your listing agent. Make sure you choose wisely as you sell what is likely your most valuable asset. Surely you want to net the most money possible and have the best experience with the least stress!

There's enough for you to worry about when selling your home and moving - your real estate agent should be able to take the pressure off you and swiftly navigate you through the sale of your home. professional-adults.jpg

When you select your listing agent you want to see a track record of success, systems and procedures that lead to a quick sale, and make a connection with the person. Do not pick your listing agent based on the reasons below alone:

  • They promise they have a buyer for your home
  • They show you the highest price out of the agents you interviewed
  • They are your family member and new to the business so you want to support or 'help' them
  • They promise to hold open houses
  • They won an award of some sort 
  • They negotiate their commission - what do you think they'll do with your money if they're so quick to give away their own?
  • They are a 'million dollar producer'
  • They are nice and you like their excitement 

When selecting your listing agent be sure to ask a lot of questions. Each agent should know their market statistics, know the area your home is in, and be comfortable with your questions. Remember - not all real estate agents are created equal!

Jul 29 2015

So you've been on the fence for a while haven't you? You have been watching the market and are just unsure if you should sell. Here are five great reasons why now is your time to sell:


1. Demand Is High

As we've said recently, inventory is low, and demand is high. According to the most recent existing home sales report by the National Association of Realtors, sales this month are up nearly 10% from the same time last year. Homes are selling at the fastest pace since 2009. With the low interest rates, there are buyers out there, and they are ready to go! sold home


What this means is you stand a good chance of selling your home for a great price in a shorter amount of time.  


At Jill Giese & Associates, we have been networking with other agents and at times selling the homes before they go on the Multiple Listing Service.


2. Interest Rates Are Rising


Interest rates hit a historical low this spring giving buyers' incredible buying power. Recently interest rates for a 30-year conventional mortgage have shot up to 4.5% and are continuing to increase. 


While there is evidence that interest rates will continue to rise, chances are they will stay below 5% for some time. The Federal Reserve has indicated they will likely raise rates and have their next meeting September 17th. Industry experts are predicting a steady rise after that meeting, and rates will likely hit 5% by the end of 2015. If you wait to sell your home in hopes that prices will continue to increase, you risk missing out on great interest rates and will end up paying for waiting. If you make more on the sale of your home, but spend more in purchasing your next one, you may end up costing yourself money in the big picture.


3. Supply is Beginning to Increase


As prices continue to increase, many homeowners will escape the confines of negative equity and be able to sell their homes without having to do a short sale. In Ada County, inventory is slowly increasing, with the percentage of distressed active listings decreasing. If you continue to wait to sell, you will have more competition on the market, and may fail to get the best price for your home.

Jul 27 2015

We're here to help you!


We know there are many options available online when searching for a home. Most of these sites are not updated regularly and can lead to a lot of heartache when you find a great home, only to discover it's not really for sale.


For a more reliable and great place to find listings, check out our site!


Our site is free, up-to-date, and easy to use! You can save listings, create listing alerts, and much more! It's time to start your search from a reliable source.


Click here for an assisted, easy, breezy, and beautiful search experience! :-)

Jul 21 2015

Remember the amazing times you had during summer as a kid? 

Who says those days in the sun have to stay with your childhood?! Whether you're battling the demand from the job or trying to keep up with the kids every day, you still deserve some summer fun more than ever.

Here is a list of some great summer pastimes to add to your list before summer's end:

  • Lie face down in the grass
  • Have a glass of wine
  • Skinny dip at night
  • Host an outdoor movie in your backyard 
  • Set up a hammock and take a nap
  • Ditch your closed-toed shoes for at least 1 evening out
  • Grill corn on the cob
  • Hop in a canoe and find the most quiet spot possible
  • Play in a sprinkler
  • Drink something that comes with an umbrella in it - drink another
  • Grill peaches
  • Go out with some friends for an ice cream cone
  • Do a cannonball into a body of water - find a rope swing if you dare
  • Be a tourist in your own town 
  • Stargaze
  • Hike up a hill and watch a sunset
Don't miss summer! If you haven't taken a moment for yourself to have some summer fun, it's time!
Jun 15 2015

Over the last several years we've had excellent results taking over listings that did not sell while listed with the previous agent. 


How did we have this success? We could say it's a secret sauce and we wouldn't be completely fibbing. :-) 


We start the process by sitting down with our sellers for a detailed consultation to find out about your motivation to sell, discuss the importance of price, and make a decision together on a price that will cause your home to sell.


The two examples below show what a difference professional photos can make to drive prospective buyers to your home. Do you want your home looking gloomy and dull? Or beautiful and bright?





We love creating opportunity through real estate, and there are critical things that must be done to sell your home for top dollar.


For every single listing we provide professional photographs, measurements and floor plan, and 1.5 hours of staging advice.


Give us a call today at 208-327-2127 to discuss how we'll help you accomplish your goal of selling your home and netting the most money possible. 

Jun 08 2015

1. For Sale By Owner Is More Challenging

Industry regulations have shifted and paperwork is more challenging. This is one reason FSBO has dropped from 19% to 9% in the last 20 years. There are more detailed property disclosures and paperwork to sell your home. Who's double checking to make sure all your 'i's' are dotted and 't's' are crossed?

2. Buyers Find Homes On The Internet 


Recent studies show that around 92% of buyers start their search online and around 28% look at print ads. Real estate professionals have a marketing plan in place to get your home exposed to the greatest number of qualified buyers. Do you have a marketing plan to sell your home? 

In the end, 43% of buyers found their home on the internet and 1% actually located their home from a newspaper. 

3. A lot of People To Negotiate With

Throughout the transactions there are a number of people you'll need to be ready to negotiate with. Have you taken any negotiation classes recently? You'll need to be prepared to negotiate with the buyer and the buyer's agent at several points during the transaction. How many days after the inspection period do the buyers have to request repairs? Will you fix them or offer a credit? Knowing how to respond to different requests and situations is critical when selling your most valuable asset. 

4. Getting The Most Money

We understand the bottom line. You want the most money possible for your home. Many folks believe that by selling themselves they will net more because they won't be paying commissions. Today, most buyers are working with an agent to help them find their dream home. Any savvy buyers' agent will ask that the sellers cover their commission and will also have their client reduce the offer amount given there is no listing agent. In the end, you may end up paying the buyer agent commission, selling for less, and having no guidance when you need it.


Before you take on this challenging process of selling your home yourself, CALL US at208-327-2127 to find out how we can net you more money!

Jun 01 2015
When selling your home, likely your most valuable asset, it's important to avoid these common ways buyers are scared away from homes. 
Bad photography
Bad photos are almost worse than no photos with a good description. You know the old saying "You don't get a second chance for a first impression?" Well, photographs are the first look a prospective buyers will have of your home. A successful listing agent should have a professional photographer they regularly work with to showcase your home and bring out its best.
The worst strategy for selling your home is to start well above market value and reduce as your timeframe becomes more and more urgent. This is a great recipe for selling your home for under market value or at least less than you could have if you started at market value. The longer your home remains on the market, the more likely it is buyers will go to your home with the notion that something is wrong with it. In order to net the most money possible it's critical to come to an educated decision with your agent to price as close to market value as possible. You do want to net the most money, right?
Dark and Dirty
The last thing you want to do is open your home to prospective buyers without it being clean - spotlessly clean would be preferred. We know it's a lot of work to live in your home and keep it this way, but it's very important! If you can afford to hire professional cleaners for a deep cleaning, even better! A clean home displays pride of ownership - something every buyer loves! Another item to scare away buyer is to have a dark home. People like cozy and bright homes! If you have dark paint colors or burned out light bulbs, it's time to consider repainting and replacing bulbs.
Too Hot or Too Cold
If you're selling a home in the middle of summer and don't have air conditioning or don't want to have above normal utility bills, therefore leaving the home too hot, you're going to make people uncomfortable and potentially lose a buyer. Likewise, in the winter, don't make people freeze while they look at your home! It's critical for prospective buyers to be comfortable when they are in looking at your home so they can focus on what your home has to offer them. We've worked with countless sellers who are selling a vacant house and originally wanted to skimp on the heat to save a few bucks. Is it worth your home not selling? Put yourself in buyers' shoes and make your home as comfortable as possible.
Lacking Curb Appeal
If the front of your home needs a little T-L-C, this would be excellent money well spent. This one also falls under the first impression category and is critical. If you can't afford a complete yard makeover, tidying up, pruning, and making sure things look nice as people approach the house is very important. Don't set a bad tone for a showing by not mowing the yard, pruning shrubs, etc. It is worth the money!