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Mortgage Payment Information
Down Payment: $88,990.00
Amount Financed: $800,910.00
Monthly Payment: $3,902.58
(Principal & Interest ONLY)
Since you are putting LESS than 20% down, you will need to pay PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), which tends to be about $55 per month for every $100,000 financed (until you have paid off 20% of your loan). This could add $440.50 to your monthly payment.
Monthly Payment: $4,343.08
(Principal & Interest, and PMI)
Approximate Tax Calculation:
If a property located in Code Area 01 (Boise) has a total taxable property value of $100,000 the yearly property taxes are figured as follows:
Taxable Value $100,000 X .017617045 = Property Tax $1,761.70

If this property is assessed at 85% of calculated purchase price that would equal: $756,415.00. This would mean that your yearly residential taxes will be around $13,312.90 This could add $1,109.41 to your monthly payment.

TOTAL Monthly Payment: $5,452.49
(including PMI and residential tax)